Music is my drug of choice.

I wonder if there is a way to consume music intravenously.  I heard that caffeine is a gateway drug to cigarettes which leads to pot which leads to cocaine and eventually, you find yourself with Ewan McGregor sinking through a floor with a needle the size of of fire hose shoved in your arm.  So, ultimately, for the addict, if you follow the yellow-brick road long enough you’re going to end up going I.V.  Well, I’m addicted to music.  How can I get it faster, better, stronger?

I was at a wedding this weekend and was observing the DJ.  His sound system was dated, but it pumped bass like a high-schooler’s Mercury Cougar with a bandpass box in the back and two Kicker Solo Baric twelves.  By that I mean you could hear it rattling windows from several yards away.  Being a DJ has gotta be a lot easier these days than it has been in the past.  Think about it.  A hundred and fifty years ago, the poor DJ had to bring a piano and/or a whole flipping band with him in order to get the party started.  Then, the record player came about and the jockey had to bring boxes of records, meticulously filed alphabetically to rock the party that rocks the party.  Then, when I was a kid, they no longer had to spin the black circle, opting instead for compact discs.  Books of compact discs were carried into the venue.  Now, DJs need a computer.  They need a two channel mixer hooked up to a mic and a computer.  Have a request?  Well, if the DJ is smart (smart DJ could be an oxymoron, I’m not sure), he’ll have wireless or cellular Internet access and can download your song of choice from iTunes or some other vendor in no time.  Heck, he doesn’t even have to have headphones to mix between tracks, iTunes will make it easy for the lazier of jockeys out there and fade between songs for you.  (Truthfully, a DJ is less necessary than ever, technologically.  A good one, though, can really work the mic and get you to throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care should the open bar not be your courage-vendor of choice).  Technology has made it so much easier for me to consume music.  Now, I need the next revolution….What’s it gonna be?

I have been having terrible writer’s block recently and the cure for that used to be a massive overload of music intake.  Lately, it hasn’t been working.  I have some other problems (I’m starting to sound a little like Woody Allen, I realize) which are part of the writer’s block issue.  This is why I’m seeking a new form of music intake.  Something new.  Something great.

Some music I’ve had in my head a lot lately:
Young MC – Bust a Move
Hillsong – Desert Song
Sweet Old Etc – Like Everyone

Anyone interested in a mix-tape exchange?


I can’t believe I’m almost 29.  I’ve been reading through Hosea, which has been really good, and while my own tendencies in the area of perseverance are to give up, whine (via blog), etc., I’ve been trying to stay true and not be Gomer and cheat on God with other things.  Fire refines.  Refine, refine.


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