102 Blogs Can’t Be Wrong.

This is the 102nd post on this blog.  This is not the first blog I’ve owned.  I used to have a blogspot blog about music, which rapidly disintegrated because my taste was so clearly superior to the average readers.  I still have a blog of bad poetry.  You can probably still find my MySpace blog.  I had a Livejournal page for a while.  I created my own blog during high school on AngelFire.com.  All of these blogs have had various metrics.

WordPress is the easiest format to use, and so I am glad I switched to it.  I was convinced to switch by Jess Glass, who doesn’t even understand the Interwebs.  WordPress also has the easiest to understand metrics.

I meant to make my 100th post about some of the interesting metrics, particularly some of the popular search terms that lead people to my site.  Brandon J. Carr was the first I saw to do this.  I would link the specific hilarious entry, but am having trouble finding it.  Anyway, I wasn’t paying attention, and my 100th blog was a list of rules on performing, which you probably didn’t read but should…unless you don’t ever perform, in which case you could probably skip it unless you like me, in which case you should read it.  And comment.

So…what was I saying? Oh, metrics.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  There are a few blogs I read a lot: Discursive Words, Adam Whitley, Grace Unfiltered, Life as Amy Caton, You are What You Sing…  I comment occasionaly, but I guess I should more since I like reading with you comment on my blog.  I particularly like some of the discussions sparked on Grace Unfiltered…and yes, I think you can be a Christian and a democrat…and Discursive Words…though I think the ability to read at all is completely unnecessary.  Wait…huh?  I don’t see eye to eye with some of my friends’ opinion pieces, but that’s all good.  I don’t like being made to feel like I am less than or not as good as someone else, but I’ll still read your thoughts, even though my opinions are obviously better.

Anyway.  Read more blogs.  They are fun.  And dumb.  What?  No.  What?

What you got in that case?

I’ve had 102 posts as of this one.  344 comments as of publishing time.  I’ve had 7,000 views as of right now.  My busiest day was Monday December 28, 2009.

Top Five Posts:
“That’s Gay!” and other things that make you sound dumb –  460 views
Red Wine and Beer – 111 views
Role Model – 80 views
Speak with Your Accent – 77 views
Stop! Take some time to think, figure out what’s important to you – 62 views.

My home page has 3,920 views and I’m sure some of those fall intil the above five posts.

Top search terms:
Hold Fast (or hold fast tattoo or misspelled variants of this) – 90 views combined

Some odd search terms:
things that make you gay – 5 views
240 lb man – 3 views
lets rage logos – 3 views
shave my chest – 3 views
art with spoons – 2 views
Should I shave my chest – 3 views
eric zoolander – 2 views
i intentionally act dumb – 1 view
dwarf romance – 5 views
flippin mother lovin – 2 views
i’m 28 live at home – 2 views
monochrome people – 1 view
eleven heavy things – 1 view

Have a nice day.

Please read my boasting above with thick layers of sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “102 Blogs Can’t Be Wrong.

  1. Fantastic! 102 isn’t quite as attractive as 100 or a palindrome like 101, but it’s still very impressive. It’s the atomic number of nobelium and the emergency number in Belarus. And the Empire State Building has 102 floors, so don’t feel bad about missing 100.

    And thanks for the mention. I feel all special now.


  2. I read your 100th about rules on performing and found it to be accurate, informative and engaging Matt. Good job sir, please keep blogging.

  3. I think you’re getting funnier as you age, old man. This one was a highlight: “I don’t like being made to feel like I am less than or not as good as someone else, but I’ll still read your thoughts, even though my opinions are obviously better.”


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