My Own Place, TP, Food, and Babies Everywhere!

My own place.  I am really praying that God does something amazing to make living arrangements available for Becky and I (and Ariella and Buddy and Dizzy).  It’s not that I hate living with my parents, I don’t.  But, I would like to get on with life.  Part of me feels like I’m in a holding pattern. 

I can’t really do some of the things I really like to do, particularly host people at my house for movie nights, game nights, dinners and so on.  Back in the day, my house was the site of many a raucous Apples to Apples game or highly competitive Scene It! game.  Other than watching Jeopardy!, I have only played a trivia game one time in the last twelve months, and that was at a Centerpoint small group in like November.  I don’t even go to Centerpoint anymore.  I go to Revolution, where I am one of the oldest people on the launch team and could possibly clean house on some T.P. games, but alas, my collection of Trivial Pursuit editions are in a box, in a storage shed in Arnold.

I bet you didn’t even know I like cooking.  I like to take many spices from the cabinet and make dishes that delight your palate with savoriness or even the occasional spiciness (I have some Jalapeno wine at home I’m dying to share with someone who will appreciate it).  I’ll save the sweetness either for store-bought ice cream or Becky’s baking skills.  Baking is too regimented for me.  I’m more like a mad scientist when I cook, “Mwahaha, more garlic powder…yesssss….IT’S ALIVE!”  Well, the crabs are only alive until the water starts to boil, at which point they go quickly from alive to delicious.

I want to put up my pictures and play my records, but there is one thing I’m really looking forward to.

I’m not going to make some dirty comment so you can stop the pre-emptive wincing.  I don’t have to look forward to that.  I rejoice in the wife of my youth.

Though, what I’m looking forward to is related to that.  I want to have another kid.  I can’t say that’s going to be an adventure Becky and I will set out on as soon as we move out, but it’s one we’ll feel more comfortable about setting out on.  Ariella is going to be a really awesome big sister.  She’ll be able to tell her sibling stories and show him/her how to play with her stuffed animals: White Bear, Patches, Teddy, Footie, Jack and a number of baby dolls all named Baby.  She’ll teach him/her “Wheels on the Bus,” and Daddy’s remix versions: “The wheels on the Train (chugga-chugga-chug)” and “The Bottom of the Boat (Splish Splash Splish).”  This may be the girliest thing I’ve ever said in a blog, but I cannot wait to have another baby.  Is it my biological clock ticking?  I have no idea what it is.  I don’t even know what having two kids would mean planning-wise, finance-wise, etc.  Can I afford to have two kids?  I don’t even know.  I know I’d like to try though!  Jeez, take my man card right away, I’ll be down at the pub drinking Zima and discussing eyeliner.

Anyway.  The prayer is that God would do something unexpected and great to provide a place for Becky and I to live in a way that feels more permanent or our own.  That we could use that place as a venue for entertaining, building community and having a grand old time.  That we could bring another Murphy into this world and continue the learning experience that is parenthood.

 Oh yeah…and babies everywhere.


2 thoughts on “My Own Place, TP, Food, and Babies Everywhere!

  1. Love it, Matt!! I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. And, as a side note, I do remember the delicious stir-fry creation you made at my house in Cleveland. YUM!

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