Unpaid Perspective on Planting

I’m thinking about writing a book.  Truth be told, I’ve been thinking about writing books for most of my life.  I’ve written a few starts, but I always burn out in the character-development phase.  Maybe I should start with nonfiction. 

At the last PCTC executive team meeting, I had this great conversation with a guy very involved with church planting over the last many years and it gave me some ideas.  When I go to these meetings, I’m the only person who has never received a paycheck from a church or church organization, and yet I’ve found myself in leadership positions at Common Ground, with PCTC and now at Revolution.  I’ve been around for some truly amazing things, and I’ve been around for some pretty nasty things.  A lot of church “staff” have viewed me as an observer or just another volunteer, but I know its been more than that.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about writing a short book about my thoughts as a volunteer leader in church planting.  Mostly, I’ll pull from my experiences with Revolution and Common Ground, but I have dozens of anecdotes from others I can pull from.  I think I could pull Becky into this.  We could be a husband and wife writing team.  Our experiences and level of commitment have been roughly the same, but our reactions have been very different, and between the two of us, we have been in practically every facet of a young church: preaching, creative arts, music, outreach, finances, childrens ministry, small groups, mens ministry, womens ministry, college ministry, teen ministry, planning, vision casting, etc.

The intended audience would be church planters to give them a different perspective than that of experienced church planters or church planting consultants and theorists.  Also, I think because I have not received a check from the church, people in the church were more candid with me about certain things than they may have been with the lead pastor.  I also am less likely to be defensive about defensive about decisions made regarding the church when they come under attack for whatever reason.  I’m a third party in a sense.

I could use your help, though.  A lot of you reading this have experienced a young church.  What are some specific chapters that need addressing?  My colleague from PCTC thinks this could be a valuable perspective for church planters because they NEED people like me and Becky to be successful, but for me to be successful, I’m going to need help, too.


5 thoughts on “Unpaid Perspective on Planting

  1. Some ideas – how to have good communication from a volunteer standpoint – including if something doesn’t make sense or conflicts arise. Loyalty, boundaries with family/personal time. Leadership training to empower you to do what you need to do.

    Just throwing out stuff that’s in my brain — take it or leave it 🙂

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog through the Tag Surfer, but this idea sounds great. I have been part of church planting for the past 8-9 years and am working on planting here in central NY. I’ve been in leadership roles and unpaid as well. I think there are enough books on church planting leadership to keep people reading for quite some time. However, the role of laity and volunteer leadership would be such an eye-opening experience for many people.
    For what it’s worth from a complete stranger, keep moving forward.

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