I Like Hotel Rooms.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in Pennsylvania for work.  Tomorrow night, I will start five straight nights in hotel rooms.  Two in Malvern for work and three in Harrisburg for PCTC.  I like hotel rooms.  In the last year or so, I’ve been spending more time in hotels than I have previously, but the increased frequency has done nothing to dispel my enjoyment of hotels.  Sure, there are things I don’t like that I probably didn’t even realize in the past, but in general, the enjoyment persists.

There is adventure in staying in hotels.  It’s out-of-the-ordinary.  I love the big beds and multitude of pillows.  I like the curved shower curtain holder and the fact that someone else makes my bed for me every day.  I don’t really like that there is no washing machine or that the televisions all change channels with a huge delay.  I don’t like that they are HD TVs with Lo-Def feeds and no guide, so I have to flip through channels like this is 1999 or something.

In general, though, I like hotels.  I like walking barefoot on their clean, tight, low-pile carpets.  I really love when you’re in a city and you can stand at the window and watch everything pass by you silently.  In Leipzig, I stood by the window or sat in the chaise and watched the little cars, the exotic cars, and the tiny ambulances whir past for hours.   I could do this in Harrisburg, but it is very unlikely I will have time, plus I’ll be enjoying the company of my gorgeous wife in our hotel room, which makes looking out a window seem kind of dumb.

I don’t like hotels that don’t have exercise equipment.  They are too boring.  There is only so much ESPN I can watch.

I love, strangely, ordering food to go from a decent restaurant, then returning to my room and eating on the foot of my bed, then heading to the work-out room for an hour or more, then returning to my room to do push-ups, then taking a blazing hot shower, then watching TV until I feel like reading then falling asleep reading.

I’m strange.  I know.  I would prefer to be at home with my wife and daughter, but I still enjoy traveling, and hotels, my whole life, have held a special fascination for me.  I remember being a kid and getting so jazzed about going to hotels.  I loved the concept of their tiny indoor pools and their little boxes of cereal for breakfast.

I’m sad I’ll be missing Feed40K, but I’m excited about PCTC.  If you’ll be in Maryland, you should go to Feed40K and make a difference alongside Revolution Annapolis.


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