My Bass or My Belly?

I’ve been thinking about buying a new bass for a long time, and for whatever reason, that has been my obsession of choice for the past week or so.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I love my $200 Mexican Jazz Bass, but it is having issues and I’m ready for an upgrade.  The rub is the price tag.  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 cash.  My playing ability and sensibilities are leading more in to $750 – $1500 price range.  D’Oh.

There are quite a few basses I’ve had crushes on.  Gibson’s ThunderbirdErnie Ball’s Big Al BassFender’s Jaguar Bass.  Right now, my complete obsession are G&L basses, particularly the ASAT.

I’m proud of how good my cheap bass sounds, but I miss the ease and feel of a higher end bass.  Once upon a time, I had an American Standard Fender P-Bass…but it was stolen.  I had a Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling…but I eventually had to return it to its rightful owner who graciously allowed me to borrow it.

Many of the people reading this blog don’t know anything about basses and have probably either clicked to a new website for timekilling or are just on the verge.  Have no fear, the bass disussion is done.

My dreaming about basses has shown me how sucky I am at saving my money.  Becky and I each get an allowance of money every month that is our money to spend on whatever.  No questions asked.  Becky buys clothes and knick knacks for the house.  She will save over the course of a couple of months to buy something she wants.

But me…

I live in the now, baby.  I pick up my friends’ tabs.  I take Ariella to eat quesadillas and to buy little trinkets.  I buy ice cream for the family.  I get bored of my normal commute and take the 895 toll tunnel for a change of pace.  I buy gourmet truck food on Thursdays (though not today ’cause I’m out of cash).  I buy guitar picks.

At the end of the month, nothing goes into my bass savings fund.  At this pace, I’ll be able to buy a used ASAT in late 2013 or early 2014.  Ugh.  When I start thinking about how bad I personally suck at saving, it really burns me up.  I find myself asking, “What the heck is wrong with me?  This money is going into my belly.  What a waste.”

But is it?  What’s more important?  Getting that bass quickly or developing the relationships I’ve been developing by sharing meals with people or paying their tabs.  Is getting a new bass soon more important than the inside jokes and soft smiles Ariella and I share over quesadillas?  Is the bass more important than the subtle release of tension simply going home by a different route can bring?

I don’t know, but in general, I’m okay with my decisions.  When I get unexpected money, it goes toward the bass, so I guess I’ll just keep having to hope for unexpected money.


One thought on “My Bass or My Belly?

  1. Man, I am so with you. My tastes in guitars almost mimic yours for basses. I pondered a G&L ASAT (guitar) for years. I am obsessed with the Gibson Firebird, and my all-time favorite which I keep dodging around, the Fender American Tele, is just a dream. All of these guitars cost over $1000. At least I have my Reverend, which I love. It is an all-American guitar and was custom built for me. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it, but I want more guitars that make different sounds!

    The point of this comment is just to say that too suck at saving and I totally relate. Keep on working toward it! Then lets jam!

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