Rock and Roll Rex Xavier…Examples

There seems to be some confusion regarding what is “rock and roll” when it comes to young boys’ clothes.  A guitar on a shirt does not make it rock and roll.  Kohls, Target and any number of other box stores are mostly guilty of taking symbols of rock and roll and turning them into cutsie crap.  Rock and roll clothes look good with one of those kiddie mohawks, but they don’t require the mohawk to prove they are rock and roll.  Rock and roll clothes make you wonder if the kid listens to The Vandals rather than The Wiggles.  If the shirt says “Daddy” or “Mommy” anywhere on it, it is almost certainly not rock and roll.

Rock and roll clothes reflect the rock and roll-ness of the parents.  And let’s face it folks; I rock and roll.  Sure, I may mostly wear jeans and plaid shirts with chucks, but I do it in a very rock and roll way.  I have swagger.  Rex won’t be born with swagger.  In fact, most of his movements will be dictated by gravity.  “Awww, look at that head leaning over like that on his mommy’s shoulder.”  No, he’s not being loving.  He doesn’t have strong enough muscles to not have his head on mommy’s shoulder.

When the boy is old enough to choose his own clothes, he can choose to not be rock and roll.  Let’s just pray that’s not the case.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some exploring of the internetatrons and have come up with some pretty rock and roll clothes.

Other than a few odd color plaid shirts, there was nothing rock and roll on Kohls website.  You could probably accomplish a rockabilly look with this stuff.  Rockabilly is a type of rock and roll.

Becky found the motherload of rock and roll clothes for baby boys.  Not everything on there is rock and roll, but a lot of it is.

This is rock and roll.  I’m particularly fond of the ‘staches, anchors and band gear.
Almost 100% Rock and roll.

Here is something that is rock and roll inspired but manages to not be rock and roll and is cutsie instead.    They do have some legit rock and roll stuff on that site, though.

Here is a near perfect example of something that people think may be rock and roll, but simply isn’t.
I could go on and on.  We’ve decided to forgo baby bedding with patterns and do just a flat color then decorate the room.  We’re planning to create our own mobile and decorate the walls with some framed LPs.  It’s a shame that so many of the super awesome clothes are expensive.  I suspect I’m going to fall short a lot on my goal of getting Rex to be a rock and roll baby, but with your help, I can increase my success rate.  Hint.  Hint.


As with almost all things, there are exceptions.


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