MUSIC – Help Wanted!

I recently updated the music on my iPhone.  It’s basically the same as it was with a few deletions and a few new additions.  It’s still eclectic, though nowhere near as eclectic as my entire music collection is.  Unfortunately, my 16GB iPhone can only contain a sliver of the awesomeness (are awesome and bizarre synonyms because they are interchangeable in this sentence) that is my music collection.  The lack of change between my old song selection and my new song selection got me thinking.

I used to wonder why my parents didn’t follow current music and stayed with the music of their teens and early 20s, but I don’t so much anymore.  My own collection is dominated by music I became fond of between age 17 and age 25.  I think of myself as pretty current (though nowhere near as current in indie stuff as my friends Kenny Camacho or Ryan Little who I have been known to ask, “Dude.  I need something new.  Will you make a recommendation based on your knowledge of my taste?  Don’t pander to me, stretch me.”)  But here’s the deal, and here’s why my music taste is at risk of being stuck in 1999 and I’d bet a big piece of why my parents’ taste is stuck in 1969:  I don’t spend much money or time on new stuff.  

Because of my church role, I try to know what new church music is coming out, but when it comes to finding and buying the music I love (which cannot be defined by a genre but a way it makes me feel), I just don’t have room in my budget most months and I haven’t made it enough of a priority.  I would like to change that.  I would like to go to shows again on a more regular basis (is once a month too much to ask?).  I would like these things and truly I feel the lack of them.  My lack of knowledge about current trends pains me because music has always been the language of my heart and finding new music means finding new ways to express myself.  

As with studying and working out, I need to find a way to be more disciplined about staying on the cutting edge.  Obviously the radio isn’t going to help.  Man, the radio sucks.  Like, it SERIOUSLY sucks.  I turned on 98Rock twice last week and both times I heard Korn songs from the late 90s.  Well, I heard the opening chords of those songs before I switched back to my iPhone or Sports Radio (105.7 The Fan).  If you weren’t aware, Korn sucks.  

So, my pretentious hipster and punk rock readers; my city dwelling, Internet-surfing amigos, advise me.  What do I need to be reading?  What websites should I be frequenting?  What record labels should I investigate?  Are there podcasts I am missing out on that play/discuss new music?  

Anyway, here are the first 12 songs (I couldn’t provide a link the the .HEREtoday. songs because as far as I know, they don’t live online and I wanted you to have 10 songs you could check out) that came up on shuffle on my iPhone today.  Listen if you dare (warning: some may contain bad words).

1.  Emo Sucks, You Suck by Anti-Flag – Favorite line: “I’ve been told emo songs are deep, which translates into really weak.”

2.  Forgotten Words by .HEREtoday. – Hilariously starts with Ed saying (in all seriousness), “This song’s called Forgotten Words…and I forgot the words.”  

3.  A Little Bit of Shhh by Lady Sovereign – Favorite line: “So let me carry on this while you sit back and vomit, some say I’m cheeky like Wallace and Gromit.”

4.  Blue in the Face by Alkaline Trio – Favorite line: “I don’t dream since I quit sleeping, and I haven’t slept since I met you, and you can’t breathe without coughing at daytime and neither can I, so what do you say?  Your coffin or mine?”

5.  I Will Survive by Cake – Favorite line:  “I should have changed by f*ing lock, I would have made  you leave your key if I’d have known for just one second you’d be back to bother me.”

6.  Torches Together by mewithoutYou – Favorite line:  “Why tear out single pages when you can throw away the book?”

7.  This is Not The End by Gungor – Favorite line:  “This is not the end.  This is not the end of us.  We will shine like stars bright, brighter.”  

8.  Just to Get Away by Poison Idea – Favorite line:  “I’m not gonna listen to a word you say.  I’m leaving in the morning just to get away.  I can’t stand myself for another day.

9.  Luca by Brand New – Favorite line: “We’ll fix you with cement galloshes, no one can save you now unless you have friends among fish.”

10.  Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen – Favorite line: “Let me feel your heartbeat (grow faster, faster).  Can you feel my love heat?  Come on and site on my hot seat of love and tell me how do you feel right after all.”

11.  Desert Room by .HEREtoday. – Favorite line:  “The Thought Police are knocking at my front door.  They may win a battle but never take my soul.  Magenta flashes in ivy of life and for the first time I see your strength.  Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.  I took a tractor and plowed one more.”

12.  Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America – Favorite line:  “I poked my finger down inside makin’ a little room for an ant to hide.  Nature’s candy in my hand or can or pie.”


4 thoughts on “MUSIC – Help Wanted!

  1. Ok Matt, most of my playlist is Christian but here are a few new ones to me recently. Check out ALM:UK – Name Above All Names, Aaron Keyes – Dwell.

    For something a little different check out Duke Special – hit up his name on Youtube, there is a load of stuff up there.


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